500 Series Water Proof Connectors

500 series waterproof connector is developed with the intensive demands in market. Pins from 2 to 12 and panel opening dimension is only 10.4mm, 500 series are widely used in the medical treatment and communication area.

500 series is manufactured with high quality materials to meet different requirements of various environments. Its plastic material used is high performance PA66, male pins used is excellent mechanical properties of phosphor bronze assembly with good electrical conductivity brass. Contact is lathed and milled of two solid brass rods,reeds are stamped of beryllium copper.

500 Series Water Proof Connectors , Front Panel Mount & Female Pin

500 Series , Male Water Proof Connector with Male Pin Field Installable

500 Series , Male Water Proof Connector with Male Pin, 90 Degre Cable Moulded

500 Series , Female Water Proof Connector & Female Pin Cable Moulded

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