IP67 IP68 Water proof Connectors For Bridge Lithing

Chogori IP67 IP68 Water proof Connectors are safely being used on many bridge lighting projects all around the world.
IP67 IP68 Water proof Connectors are suported additionaly with the epoxy inside the connector. the bronze silver pins are coated with gold and this prevents oxidation and also prevents the female pin to be loosen thus it will prevent curcit cuts.  Material used on the case is PA66 so this gives 100% strentgh against UV light, UV light, hot to cold passing weather conditions and also acit rains makes plastics without PA66 material cracks in time and breaks the case.

So you can depand on Chogori IP67 IP68 Water proof Connectors 100% on any hard out door condition Like Bridges and aslo Chogori IP67 IP68 Water proof Connectors are already being used on many bridges all around the world.

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